Established in 1886, Nagai Sake is located in a small village near the source of the Tone River in northern Gunma prefecture. Founder Shoji Nagai started his sake brewery after discovering and purchasing mountainous land with a flowing artesian spring with pure water ideal for brewing sake. Today sake brewery remains surrounded by rice fields and the natural beauty of the region.

history of KURA

“Water” “Rice” are gifts from Mother Nature, “Craftsmanship” is handed down through generations. These three elements are form the foundation of producing our sakes.

manufacturing of Nagai Sake

“Nagai Style” is an entirely new concept of Japanese sake, originating in the village of Kawaba in northern Gunma Prefecture. Our desire is to express Japan’s natural beauty and its refined food culture through sake made with the highest quality rice. Our four different types of sake will compliment any style of fine cuisine. It is our hope that our products will contribute to Japan’s unique culture of rice and sake.


This sake, brewed with special contract farmed Yamada Nishiki brewer’s rice grown in Hyogo Prefecture, as well as rice from Kawaba Village in Gunma Prefecture, possesses a soft, fruity nose with glamourous and sophisticated flavors.


Mt. Tanigawadake is one of the most famous hundred mountains in Japan and is the source of the Tone River in northern Gunma Prefecture. This is a mountain that is enjoyed during all seasons by alpinists as well as local climbers. We have brewed this sake to express the special nature of Mt. Tanigawadake. This sake is designed for daily enjoyment exhibiting the elements of its natural soft water with dry but yet slightly sweet flavors.